MENELA Heena – Dark Blonde


All Henna products are purchased on an as needed basis, please allow 30 days for shipment of order. This is to maintain the highest standards and quality of the product.

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Here at MENELA is where you can buy henna for eyebrows developed with nanotechnology and active ingredients capable of penetrating the layers of the skin more deeply, boosting hair and skin coloration more quickly and effectively.

Our hennas do not contain lead, ammonia or hydrogen peroxide (commercially known as hydrogen peroxide) and is free of heavy metals. MENELA henna has in its composition: Lawsonia inermes plant extract (henna), and microparticles (nanotechnology).
Long lasting henna between 7 to 15 days
Not tested on animals.

What will you take from this kit?
  1. 1 BlackHenna for eyebrows MENELA 2.5 g
  2. 1 MENELA Henna Fixing solution (WITH BAMBOO EXTRACT) 15 ml
  3. 1 Scoop

Does henna cover white hairs on the eyebrow?

Yes, menelover, our henna covers white eyebrow hairs, thanks to nanotechnology it is able to penetrate deeper layers.

Tip Menela:

For those of you who don’t know what to do with failed eyebrows, we have a tip: eyebrow reconstruction is a great option, as our henna fixer contains bamboo extract that helps in hair growth and is used as part of the eyebrow reconstruction protocol. eyebrows, this makes you have a perfectly designed eyebrow and also takes care of your hair growth.