MENELA Face Exfoliating Gel


Our MENELA Face Exfoliating Gel can be used in the preparation of the eyebrow treatment and in the daily skin care.

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Our exfoliating gel for the face contains rice spheres and ground walnut shells in its formulation, which promote smooth exfoliation, removing dead cells and dirt that accumulate on the skin on a daily basis. In addition, it contains a blend of amino acids, which aids in hydration, and Menthol, which provides a feeling of freshness and softness on the skin.

How to apply our exfoliating face gel?


Before applying the gel, clean your face with MENELA liquid face soap. After cleansing, apply MENELA Exfoliating Gel to damp face and gently massage with your hands in a circular motion. Then rinse the exfoliating gel with plenty of water.
We recommend using the exfoliating gel for the face 02 to 03 times a week.
Our exfoliating gel is suitable for all skin types.

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