We bring to you Beauty By Ju, one of the best beauty places in Kallangur, with top notch services that are unrivaled. Thanks to Juliana’s passion for beauty techniques and her drive to bring new and exciting changes to the beauty world especially in the areas of waxing and eyebrow shaping.

The Beauty By Ju was founded with a determination to bring to its various clients beauty techniques that bring the best out of them. The Beauty By Ju services in Kallangur includes full body female waxing, full body male waxing, eyebrow shaping/sculpting, and lots more. Over the years, we have prided ourselves in carrying out procedures on each and every one of our clients with utmost delicacy and with the best of beauty  equipment and products in a bid to avoid any form of skin reaction that may occur.

We treat our clients just as well as we do ourselves and this has earned us loads of testimonies and positive reviews from clients over the years; we can proudly say that our name echoes through the walls and around the shores of Kallangur. Our procedures are carried out in the most serene and soothing environment, it is your typical day at the spa.

At Beauty By Ju, we take our time and ensure that you leave us with the best results and a wide smile on your face, you would surely come back for more. Our prices for each procedure are really affordable, we combine amazing price rates with the best services available to ensure that you spread the good word about us in Kallangur.

We urge you to book an appointment with us and give us a try, with a promise that it will not be a regretful experience but it would be a thrilling and exciting one.

Waxing is the process of hair removal from its roots, that can be done by hot wax and strip wax depending on the hair and skin type. The hair must be between 5mm to 1 cm to ensure proper removal of hair.

Since a long time ago approximately around the late 70’s, body waxing treatments saw an increase in the numbers of women that wax. From early 2000’s males started looking for waxing services to feel good about themselves. Today intimate waxing, famously known as “Brazilian waxing”, is wildly popular followed by legs, underarms, face wax and back wax.

The first appointments is always a bit more uncomfortable (pain wise) but as you make the treatment more regular, it becomes easier and faster. Waxing treatment will give to you amazing results such as smooth skin, thin and less hair. No itchiness and prickling hairs on your skin, say no to razors and you will see how amazing the result of waxing treatment is.

Forget about shaving every second day! wax every 4 to 6 weeks for less hair and smother skin!