Shape Eyebrows Like A Professional

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Shape Eyebrows Like A Professional

Professional Eyebrow Shaping

Eyebrows play a fundamental role in the composition and harmonization of facial features. That is why it is important to keep them well made and aligned, always obeying the perfect eyebrow shape of your face and of course your style.

For those who want to lift the look of their face without major procedures, need to trust in a well-made eyebrow. And for that to happen, it is ideal to choose the right one from a trusted professional.

Face shape

The shape of the face of each individual is crucial when it comes to modeling an eyebrow, like when marking contours with makeup, for example. That is, not always are the eyebrows of the model on the cover of a magazine or your favorite actress be suitable for the shape of your face.

Follow the perfect waxed eyebrows rules:

  • Round face: angular and arched.
  • Square face: Angled or straight with one end with a sharp curve.
  • Oval face: Arched and slightly angled.
  • Long face: Straight.
  • Heart face: Curved or angular.

The best eyebrow shape for you can sometimes seem almost impossible to achieve, but with professional help and some tools you can definitely make it happen.


Sometimes we find the perfect eyebrow shape, but still the eyebrow needs an “up” to make the look or harmonize with makeup. Failures like few wires or separate wires are just some of the situations encountered by many women.

A tip is inside your makeup case. Few people use makeup items to fix the flaws or fill the eyebrows. But the holy eyeliner or the good old brown eyeshadow does miracles in a few minutes.


For those who want to keep the eyebrow hair with a more striking color, the suggestion would be applying tint. This procedure is usually done by a professional where the eyebrow shape is offered, the technique of eyebrow tinting pigments the hair but not the skin.

Tweezers, Thread or Wax?

What method should I follow? Tweezers are the oldest and most accurate method when we are talking about professional eyebrow shaping. As a professional in comparison to waxing we can determine hair by hair if this hair will have a positive or negative impact to the shape of the eyebrow.

Both the wax and thread will pull several wires at the same time and it may happen that eventually a failure will occur. Remember: one extra hair that is removed can make a big difference in the overall work.

If you are not professional or do not have any experience in the subject, do not try to do eyebrow shaping at home, neither eyebrow shape and tint. Look for a good professional, do not try to find a professional because they offer a cheap eyebrow waxing or tinting, the good professional will know the perfect eyebrow shape according to the shape of your face and, with a well done eyebrow, further enhance your look.

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