Find the Best Hair Removal Methods

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Find the Best Hair Removal Methods

Full Body Waxing for Women: The Best Method For Every Body Part

What is the best method to get rid of leg hair? How to shave the armpits with wax? Each area of ​​the body has its specificities regarding hair removal.

Full body wax for women is a popular demand these days, the results are incredible and offer comfort of 4-6 weeks without worrying about hair removal.

Each area to be waxed has its own characteristics. Follow our tips for choosing the best way to wax your whole body.

Arms and Legs

These body parts support all types of wax, and are not that sensitive. If you are planning to start your waxing treatment or possibly doing a full body wax in the future, and you are not 100% sure how sensitive you are, this would be a great area for your first waxing treatment. There is less chance of bruising and full arm wax price is usually cheaper when compared with other parts of the body.

So this area is usually a perfect starting point.


In this region the skin is very thin and the hair is thick. Exfoliation before waxing and moisturizing afterwards are indispensable to avoid ingrown hairs. One problem: the hair does not all grow in the same direction. Those who allow themselves to be tempted by the wax should not forget to do the procedure in two steps: in the first, pull the hairs from the top (which grow up) pulling the wax layer down, in the second step is the reverse.

Brazilian – Intimate Area

A very thin skin and thick hair that, besides, grow biased: the groin looks very much like the armpit. Hot wax is the most recommended in this area for both full Brazilian waxing and full bikini waxing.


Care must be taken in this area as it is very delicate. If the wax is a little hotter, it can burn the client’s face and that’s not what we want is it?

Today there are proper face waxes, which help a lot in the issue of sensitivity and reducing the redness of the skin soon after treatment.


In this area, the belly region is considered more sensitive and at risk of ingrown hairs. In this area it is recommended to use hot wax. The chest and back hair can be removed with rollon wax and strips.

Buttocks and Anus

Hair in these area is removed with hot wax most of the time. When the buttocks hair is thinner, it can be removed with rollon wax and strips, but always remember that the skin should be well stretched, otherwise it can cause bruising.

Full body hair removal for women is a great option for feeling more comfortable, especially in the summer when the body is most exposed and what is most expected is that the body hair will be less noticeable. Prices for full body hair removal for women range from around $ 100 to $ 150, compared to 30% more for full body hair removal for men. Still on prices, if you are not interested in full body, Brazilian wax and legs are a good option and are not as expensive.

The choice of the right place is always complicated as you want to feel comfortable during the treatment. You can find waxing treatments in a salon or if you want a private waxing service, home based salon is a great option.

Aftercare is the most important thing in the waxing treatment as ingrown hair and pimples can give to the body area a bad look. Remember to exfoliate to eliminate dead cells and avoid ingrown hairs, it is recommended to exfoliate the body twice a week. Moisturizing is the key of great results on you waxing treatment. It make the skin soft, so the hair will not have difficult to trough the skin when it starts growing. Cream moisturizer, and body oils are a good option.

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