5 Reasons You Need Professional Eyebrow Tinting Services to Look Better

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5 Reasons You Need Professional Eyebrow Tinting Services to Look Better

In the search for full, volume-filled eyebrows, many women seek aesthetic procedures to fix shape and colour their eyebrows. Some fear to opt for definitive techniques, such as Microblading, procedures that promise temporary results are gaining strength in the market and a great alternative. This is the case of Eyebrow tinting services, which deliver what many  women seek, a natural look in a non-invasive procedure.

The demand for Eyebrow tinting services as well as Eyebrow Shapes (Eyebrow Wax and Tint) has grown in salons, including for older women, who sometimes end up suffering from hair loss or years of poor tweezing.

Unlike hair dyes, the product has a specific formulation, created especially for the eyebrow region. It is texture and is often gel so it does not drip and fall into the eyes.

The eyebrow tint acts on the hair, which is a very exposed place, where many other cosmetic products such as creams and make-up is applied. However, an experienced professional should do all this procedure of Eyebrow tinting Services, usually application also involves Eyebrow Shapes. The eyebrow shape and tint treatment can be performed every 4 weeks and has no side effects, as skin irritation is very rare.

The tint gives more volume to the hair, so it is a great alternative, not only for those who have thin eyebrows, but also for women who already have grey hair. The same goes for blondes and redheads who have very light hair and their eyebrows can look dull.

We also have specific eyebrow tint for dark eyebrows which help give your brows a solid consistent look.

The results are amazing.

Another way to use the product is in the eyelashes, to give more colour to those hairs, which lose volume and natural pigmentation over the years.

There is also another option of giving colour to the eyebrow and it is more natural. It is Henna! Henna eyebrow tinting services pigments the skin and fills the gaps between the hair, but Henna is not considered as efficient when it comes to tinting the hair, the length of time it remains on the hair is short. Henna can leave the eyebrow well marked, bold and dark,like a dark eyebrow tint,  if it is the desired look you are after.

The most well-known and beloved dye brand by beauty professionals is Refectocil. This brand offers a range of colours and products that support the end result of the treatment, making the dye last longer. Other brands are also gaining their market share and the results are not disappointing, which makes us more optimistic about what this market is to offer us in the near future. There are already comments about some possible hybrid tint, which will be a Henna “mix” with normal tint, which will bring the benefits of both treatments in one application.

Eyebrow dye waxing is a procedure that is on the rise and if you find the right professional who will respect the natural shape of your eyebrow and your ideal shape according to your choice, plunge head and short perfect eyebrows , natural looking without the need to use makeup!

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